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Safety Policy

Each year, Little League International requires that a comprehensive Safety Program be developed and implemented.  Some of the key parts of the Monarch Little League Safety Plan are described here:

  • League Volunteers are required to submit a form and agree to a background check in order to participate. If you plan to volunteer in any capacity with the league, please download the volunteer application and submit it with a copy of your drivers license to Monarch Little League.
  • In the event of an injury, a  form is REQUIRED to be filed with the Safety Officer.
  • No games or practices shall be held when the weather or field conditions are deemed unsafe.
  • Catchers must wear all catchers' equipment, including the facemask when warming up pitchers between innings, during practice, and during infield practice prior to games. 
  • Managers or coaches, at no time, shall warm up pitchers. This is a violation of Little League International rules. Umpires will enforce this rule.
  • Batters must wear approved protective helmets during batting practice and during games.
  • No more than 3 coaches are allowed in the dugout during a game.
  • For T-ball, A, AA, and AAA:  There is no on-deck circle and the next batter may not take warm up swings in the dugout.  He/she should not pick up a bat until he/she is ready to leave the dugout and go to the batters box.
  • All games shall be played with approved break-away bases.
  • No Bat Boys or Bat Girls are allowed in any division, at any time.
  • Only uniformed players for the teams playing are allowed in the dugout and within the playing field at all times.